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You receive internationally recognised diplomas..



Our project is registered in

the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications.

The diplomas satisfy all requirements and have a  document serial number, particulars of registration and are  convenient the seal.






Free participation in any competition. You pay for the document only after you know the result.




 The results are published every Monday!




The theme of works is not restricted. You choose whatever you like.



Low price of rewards.


Time :

The competitions are organisedevery week.

Рublication of results:

Results are published every Monday.

Statute of the competition:






To participate  you can send us such materials as projects, guidance papers, scientific works, scripts, master classes, presentations, compositions, stories, poems, photographs, video materials, pictures, works of art , songs, dances and so on.



• Acting

• Singing

• Public speech at a seminar or a conference

• Decorative and applied arts

•Children's projects

• Journalism

• Achievements in education

• Scientific works in kindergarten

• Computer graphics

• Costumes

• Creative writing

• Teachers’ master classes

• Teachers’ guidance paper

• Music art

• Moral education

• Organisation of leisure time

• Patriotic education


Take the following steps to participate and get a reward

Fill out the form

 Fill the application

3 minutes


Upload your work

1 minute


Get the results

Every Monday


Take your diploma

You pay for the making of your diploma after you know the results.




 Awards at your preference

A diploma


1,49 $

The results of participation

The results of the competitions are sent to you at the e-mail you entered while uploading your work. If you are satisfied with the result, you can pay for the award.

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Ask questions, suggest new competitions, share your ideas, results and impressions!

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